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West Bletchley Council have taken on the responsibility from Milton Keynes Council for landscaping in West Bletchley. This includes grass cutting, maintenance of shrub beds, hedges, woodlands and sports pitches. We are determined to give you a high quality standard of landscape maintenance and will be looking to continuously improve West Bletchley with the help and support of you, the residents.



When will the grass be cut?
Between the end of March and the end of October the grass will be cut approximately once every 2/3 weeks, although this may be varied subject to weather conditions and the length of the grass.


Can grass cuttings be removed?
Unfortunately, we cannot ask for the removal of grass cuttings as the cost of collecting and transporting grass plus the specialist machinery needed would be both time consuming and expensive. Although all arisings should be removed from footpaths by our Service partner.


Why are certain areas of verge grass and open space not cut while other areas are?
Locations where grass areas have been planted with bulbs e.g. Daffodils and Crocus will not be cut back until the leaves have started to die back, usually 6-8 weeks after flowering.This is good gardening practice as it ensures bulbs will produce flowers the following year. Unfortunately these areas can become untidy in the interim.


Why are you cutting the grass when it’s wet?
Grass cutting is too large a scale operation to only proceed in optimum conditions, although it will be suspended in wet conditions when the likelihood of causing damage or operator safety outweighs the cutting priorities.

Why do you let the grass grow to different lengths in some areas?  

This encourages the return of wild flora and fauna to our open spaces.  Also land use can help determine how long grass should be, for example more formal areas require shorter grass.


Spraying/weed control
Herbicides are used mainly for weed control in planted beds. Where possible we will restrict the use of chemicals.  However the cost of employing significant levels of staff to carry out the work manually would be cost prohibitive.


Coppicing is the process of cutting back woody plants to approximately 100-150mm (4-6 inches) above ground level and allowing the stump or stool to re-grow. Most coppicing is carried out in the dormant season as the plants quickly re-grow when spring arrives.


I know the shrubs will grow again but what about my security/privacy?
Landscape plantings are designed and planted to soften the built environment rather than to act as a security or privacy barrier . Plants are living, ever-changing organisms and consequently do not have the static qualities, such as those of a fence, required for such a purpose.


Can you cut the shrubs back near my house as they collect dust and I believe they're contributing to my asthma?
If anything the opposite will be true. Air quality is normally improved around trees, shrubs and grass. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates.


When are hedges cut back? 
Hedges are cut back on an annual basis, although hedgerow maintenance is restricted by law. Therefore if a hedgerow is believed to be the home to nesting birds, we will be unable to carry out works until the birds have vacated. Usually this period is between the months of April - July.


Do West Bletchley Council undertake tree maintenance?
Our service delivery partner will lift tree branches above 2m on footways and 5m on highways. Any other tree works and inspections would be carried out by Milton Keynes Council who have responsibility for all trees in West Bletchley.


Information on tree maintenance by Milton Keynes Council can be found here.
Email: environmentalservices@milton-keynes.gov.uk        
MKC Environmental Services:  01908 252570


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