West Bletchley Council

West Bletchley Council

Councillor Profiles

The Council currently has 28 Members.  The wards that each member represents can be located by following this link The Council. Further details relating to which Councillor represents you are listed below in the Councillor profiles.

Council Members are required to operate within a Code of Conduct.  In addition to this, all Parish Councillors in Milton Keynes are required to complete a Register of Interests,  http://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/database/parishregisterofinterests

For details on who your local Councillor is, which ward you live in,  or when a councillor surgery is taking place, contact the Council by 

E-mail: admin@westbletchleycouncil.gov.uk  or Tel: 01908 648 257.


Ward Councillor's

Abbeys Ward

Councillor David Gibb
Councillor Geraldine Helder
Councillor Kit Power
Councillor Pete Lindop

Castles Ward

Councillor John Phillips
Councillor Sue Long
Councillor Gladstone McKenzie

Church Green Ward

Councillor Jim Kearon
Councillor Sally Labrooy
Councillor Shandy McJarrow

Counties Ward

Councillor Paul Harvey
Councillor Mick Legg
Councillor Nigel Long

Fairways Ward

Councillor Derek Hircock
Councillor Shadul Rahman
Councillor Matthew Burn

Poets Ward

Councillor Ian Revell

Racecourses Ward

Councillor Elaine Wales
Councillor James Butson

Rivers Ward

Councillor Veronica Belcher
Councillor Naomi Sinclair
Councillor Stephen Crockett

Saints Ward

Councillor Sally Crockett
Councillor Ernie Thomas

Scots Ward

Councillor Barbara Moore
Councillor Felicity Cockbaine